First Plan

■ Where are you? InCheon or Gimpo Airport? (First, come to the airport)

  1. Ok, You take the subway (Arex).

  2. And take a lodgment to the nearby subway station.

  3. You can go on a trip by subway Everyday.

■ Recommended subway station for lodgment.

  1. GongDeok : HongDae, central and west side of Seoul, approach airport by subway

  2. GeonGuk Univ. : East side of Seoul

  3. YeongDeungPo-Gu Office: Mullaem art village, YeoEuiDo, HanGang park, west south of Seoul,

  4. Seoul Natl. Univ of Education : GangNam

  5. HanSung Univ. : HyeHwa (Marronnier Park & Many Theater), central of Seoul, north side of Seoul

■ Transfer to the Subway

■ Useful APP